The effect of conservation of resources on Veteran’s entrepreneurial success in Malaysia


  • Editor AJMS


Given the small number of studies, which have focused on entrepreneurial success of veteran entrepreneurs, this paper examined how veterans entrepreneurs cope with potential and actual resource loss and how it influence on entrepreneurial success. Specifically, this paper examined the effect of conservation of resources on veteran’s entrepreneurial success with Conservation of Resources (COR) theory as the underpinnings theory. The data collected was primarily quantitative data and the information was sought from 360 successful veteran entrepreneurs, precisely owners of the businesses. Using SEM procedures, the analytical approach of this research consisted of the reliability and validity of the instruments, confirmatory factor analysis, measurement model and structural model. The result from this study showed that COR influenced the veteran’s entrepreneurial success significantly. Since many studies in military focusing in readiness of military in preparing for war in term of resources, this paper proof the significantly of relationship between COR and entrepreneurial success.