Training Effectiveness: An Evaluation


  • Editor AJMS


This study attempted to identify and seek to measure the training effectiveness among the persons working in local administration. The important issue of this research is to know how the local administration looks upon training as an instrument for developing the potential sets of their functional department personnel’s. The effectiveness of training has been evaluated under four phases in this paper viz, training need analysis, pre training preparations, the involvement of trainer and trainee and the e post training scenario based on the information collected from the concerned personnel undergoing training. Liker five point scaling technique has been used for opinion collection and structured questionnaire was used for collecting the primary data. By using scientific tools an analysis has been done. Result of the analysis stated that training need analysis instant process for identifying trainings for personnel’s, pre training preparations essential for increasing participation level, there is no gender bias incurred in selecting the personnel for training and it is purely done on requirement bases. Training is required for managers to enable them work towards taking the organization to its expected destinations. It is against the backdrop of relative importance of managerial training in relation to organizational effectiveness that this paper addressed.