Impact of E-Commerce on Accounting Information System in State Bank of India in Nanded City


  • Editor AJMS


The accounting system, like other systems component of the input and processors and outputs in addition to feedback, but it has a specification distinct from the rest of the information systems, these features associated with the function of accounting, system of information accounting for economic data resulting from internal processes or external events expressed form of financial or will translate into a financial formula On the output side, the accounting system produces reports and lists and some other information expressed in financial way Within the information system of management systems the accounting subsystem ensures the numerical figures can corresponding to reality – of the property, financial and profit status of the enterprise. As a consequence, processing the accounting information is one of the most decisive elements of the pre-decisive, i.e. prodecisive process of managers. As a result of the important and spectacular development of informatics and information technology, wide-spread automatization can be observed relating to accounting work-processing. This is proved by the appearance and spread of the different user software. Nowadays accounting software packages have a quite wide market – there are numerous software programs supporting book-keeping, reporting, recording economic events or processing – and in many cases they support the activity of the enterprise as an organic part of a complex, up-todate, integrated information system.