Study of unfinished agenda of Economic Reforms in India


  • Editor AJMS


India has three different perspectives: first- domestic, second-external and third- global perspective. There is a need to integrate all the perspectives to see the Indian outlook in view of the rapidly changing global environment, into the future, tasks ahead and the challenges before the economy. However, first, we also need to take stock of the economic reforms of the last two decades, which have been discussed, but in separate sections, being multi-sectoral in nature.

As we had discussed the global transition, postIndependence, the economic reforms of 1991 can be said to be transition towards a newer India, shift in the outlook and a different orientation from the previous inward-looking to outward-looking. It is also a reflection of the mood of the government of greater faith in the market and private players and their larger role in the economy. Here, an attempt is being made to provide a holistic and comprehensive review of the economic reforms initiated since 1991