E-banking – A new age Banking system


  • Editor AJMS


The most important and urgent task that remains to be done is that of dismantling the structural and micro regulations that have accumulated over several decades of a command economy. It is also necessary to make the financial sector more competitive to realize efficiency gains, and to ensure that the consumers receive the benefits of lower costs, better costs and greater choices. One of the distinctive elements of financial sector policy is a powerful regulatory protection extended to the banking system faced with a financially weak banking system; the policy makers have been unwilling to recapitalize the predominantly state owned banks to restore their financial health. Here the researcher has focused on the various factors with regards to E-banking system. The customer can directly interact with the bank for the purpose of opening the various types of accounts like savings, current, term deposits, etc. For this a simple procedure is to be adopted. The customer would visit on particular website of the Bank and for opening account, some process has to follow. The customers can ask the institution for the software needed for PC Banking or e-banking in place of the existing accounts