Effect of Women Employment on Indian Economy


  • Editor AJMS


Women employment, Indian Economy


Women play a dominant role in the Indian economy, undertaking a wide range of economic activities including farm operations and powering a high savings rate. However, changes in the employment scenario, rising inflation, social conditions and neglect by policy-makers have impacted adversely on women. Globalization has affected women negatively, going by the Report of the Working Group on Empowerment of Woman for XI th Plan. The report concedes, “With the growing globalization and liberalization of the economy as well as increased privatization of services, women as a whole have been left behind and not been able to partake of the fruits of success. Mainstreaming of women into the new and emerging areas of growth is imperative. This will require training and skill up gradation in emerging trades, encouraging more women to take up vocational training and employment in the boom sectors. This will also require women to migrate to cities and metros for work. Provision of safe housing and other gender friendly facilities at work will need to be provided.”An estimated 52 per cent of Indian women suffer from malnutrition. Fifty-eight per cent of pregnant women suffer from anemia. Not surprisingly, the maternal mortality rate stands at one per 500. This, when India claims to be not just food self-sufficient but food surplus!