An Empirical Case Study on Problems of E-banking services among SRTMUN students


  • Editor AJMS


E-bank is the electronic bank that provides the financial service for the individual client by means of Internet. Internet banking (or E-banking) means any user with a personal computer and a browser can get connected to his banks website to perform any of the virtual banking functions. In internet banking system the bank has a centralized database that is web-enabled. All the services that the bank has permitted on the internet are displayed in menu. Once the branch offices of bank are interconnected through terrestrial or satellite links, there would be no physical identity for any branch. It would be a borderless entity permitting anytime, anywhere and anyhow banking.

The network which connects the various locations and gives connectivity to the central office within the organization is called intranet. These networks are limited to organizations for which they are set up. SWIFT is a live example of intranet application. E-banking provides enormous benefits to consumers in terms of ease and cost of transactions, either through Internet, telephone or other electronic delivery. Electronic finance (E-finance) has become one of the most essential technological changes in the financial industry.