Study of the Less-Performing Human Resources impact the growth and profitability whereas, the Periodical training provided will eliminate even these demerits in Manufacturing Industries


  • Editor AJMS


This Study was conducted on the Less-Performing Human Resources in the manufacturing industries in Karnataka State. As almost all the industries, there are few less-performing employees whose non-performance will impact the overall growth of the industry, the study concludes with some research inferences to bring transformation among those by motivation, training and self-realisation of their work consciousness. The analysis and the inferences comparatively among all these sectors have significant variance and the responses from the respondents is resulting to a derived and proved evidence to strengthen the statement that there is an Impact of the Less-Performing human Resources on the growth and profitability of the manufacturing industries. And it is also concluded that the periodical trainings will eliminate this demerit significantly to enhance the productivity and performance.